Have Fun. Eat It Too with Funables Snacks
Fruity Snacks - Berry Flavored
Fruity Snacks - Berry Flavored

About Funables Fruit Snacks

Funables are fruit snacks. But not just any fruit snacks. Every treat you pull out of the bag is a morsel of fun just waiting to happen. They're permissible treats you can feel good about serving — anytime, any place.

What does it take to unleash that fun? You. And maybe a thousand of your closest friends, if you choose to share.

Made with real fruit - Excellent sources of Vitamins A, C & E
Fat free

we're keeping things light

Gluten free

A Nice Gesture to your Tummy

Rich of vitamins A, C & E

Excellent Source of

A, C, & E

Our Story

About Funables Snacks


A true snacks-perience.

We create our snacks to not only be something that satisfies a kid’s need to nibble between breakfast and lunch, or on that road trip to grandma’s house. We create them to spark joy and creativity, from the fun fruit snacks shapes right down to the snacks-periences you’ll find on each box. Word searches, comic strips, mazes — we even make our Tic-Tac-Toe Funables in the shape of Xs and Os (yes, you can play tic-tac-toe on the go — the game board is printed on the pouch!). Talk about hands-on fun.

Parents, you can rest easy.

Funables are gluten free and fat free. In other words, truly smiley-face emoji worthy. They are made with real fruit puree* and are an excellent source of vitamins A, C and E.

Have fun. Eat it too.

Convenient for everyone, Funables fruit snacks are meant to be grabbed in a snap and enjoyed in the moment. And while they're an easy and quick fix — like, pocket-to-mouth easy — they also have a magical way of creating memorable moments that stick with you. It's true, parents. Who knew that a simple fruit snack could have the power to connect families’ hearts, minds, and imaginations?

We all want a little burst of fun in our day to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Have fun. Eat it too.

*7.1% Fruit Puree