Who’s ready to have FUN?

Good. We knew you were up for getting silly.

Meet Funables. We're the kids fruit snacks that just won't stop until you crack a smile. Or giggle. Or break into song. Maybe even dance a little.

The point is, snacking with us is so fun-tastic because, while our treats are fruity and delicious, they also have a way of creating special moments. From their reassuring ingredients to the way they spark a sense of play, they are snacks you can feel good about.

Each pack is a true snacks-perience. Our boxes come with activities that use your noggin and grow your creativity. So sit down at the table — or park bench or playground swing — and enjoy the ride.

This is fun that anyone, even Mom and Dad, can get in on. Pinky swear.
Now go ahead —

Have fun. Eat it too.



Funtastic Shapes

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